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Removals to Sweden: Things to do in Winter in Sweden

If you require removals to Sweden, you will already know that the hours of daylight are long in summer but the winters are cold and dark. In Stockholm in January and February, the daylight hours can be as little as seven hours and in the northern tip of the country, you can expect to be in complete darkness for about eight weeks. All in all you will leave for work and return home in the dark in winter, as the number of daylight hours are cut short.

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Meanwhile, if you are organising removals to Sweden, you will want to know how to occupy your time in winter. To help you, here is our guide on some of the most popular activities to do at this time of year.

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Popular Activities in Winter in Sweden

Winter Sports

Sweden is one of the healthiest nations on earth and the Swedes have some of the longest lifespans. Men can live up to 78 years of age and women can expect to live an average of 83 years of age.

It also has a great outdoors culture as people enjoy getting out and about and being active, whatever the weather. Winter activities range from indoor exercise, such as yoga, Pilates and working out in the gym, to family friendly activities like bike riding, hiking, ice-skating and snowshoeing - an activity which involves wearing special shoes for hiking through the snow. 

If you fancy more adventurous or challenging sports, Sweden has so much to offer. There are all sorts of amazing activities you can do, from the more traditional such as downhill skiing and snowboarding at one of Sweden’s 200 ski resorts, to dog sledding or snowmobiling in the Swedish Lapland, playing ice-hockey, and even ice-climbing – although this is only for the experienced and highly fit adrenaline junkies!


If you have holiday time in winter, you will have the chance to explore what this beautiful country has to offer.

Sweden has the first ever Ice Hotel which opened in 1990 in JukkasjÀrvi. It is made entirely from ice and snow and is rebuilt each year. Here you can marvel at the stunning surroundings or sip vodka from frozen glasses at the bar.

The country also offers an opportunity to go on Safari. Head for Lapland to go on reindeer safari, and while you are there you can look out for the mysterious Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, and see waves of coloured lights dance across the sky. In Lapland, you can also find out more about the nomadic Sami - one of the oldest cultures in the world – and learn about their way of life.


You don’t have to get active or travel far to have an enjoyable time in the winter months in Sweden. Wherever you settle you will discover new places to visit, ranging from museums to art galleries, theatres and opera houses. And if you enjoy contemporary dance, the internationally renowned Cullberg Ballet based in Stockholm, tours nationally and abroad and their performances are well worth watching.

Whatever you enjoy seeing, visit your local tourist information centre to discover the best places near you.


The winter markets are very enjoyable in Sweden and add to the beauty and atmosphere of the Christmas season. Here you can sample hot food or mulled wine or stock up on some of the locally made crafts to give to friends or family back in the UK.

There are some fantastic Christmas markets all over the country and among the best are those in Stockholm, Malmo and of course Gothenburg which has the biggest Christmas market at the amusement park in Liseberg. Here you can enjoy Christmas food, and drinks that include vodka or warming winter Glogg (mulled wine). And if you are tired of shopping, just head for the nearby ice-skating rink.

Night Classes

Night classes or weekend seminars are popular in Sweden and there are all sorts of adult learning or educational classes, ranging from wood work to arts classes, flower arranging and cookery classes.

You will also have the opportunity to learn Swedish and this will help you adjust to your new life. The Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) programme provides free Swedish lessons for those who have moved to the country. The courses are provided by the Swedish National Agency for Education and towns and cities have an obligation to offer Swedish to new comers so you can soon learn the language of your host country.

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