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Removals to Sweden – Guide to National Parks in Sweden

If you require removals to Sweden, a country known for its forests, lakes and scenic beauty, then MPL can help. At Moving Partnership Ltd, we arrange regular removals to Sweden and to all of Scandinavia. We compare hundreds of quotes for you and find the cheapest companies to partner with in order to arrange your European removal in the most cost effective way.

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We have produced this blog post so that, once your removals to Sweden are complete, you will know where to go if you enjoy going for long strolls, taking photographs, or visiting some of the most scenic places Sweden has to offer.

Here are some of the top national parks in Sweden. There are many more that we could have featured but this is what we believe to be the pick of the bunch.

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Our Pick of Sweden’s Ten Best National Parks

Gotska Sandön National Park - Gotska Sandön, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, is the most isolated island in the Swedish archipelago. It is a desolate, barren place but no less beautiful for it. It has many miles of sandy beaches and dense, deep green pine forests.  Uninhabited save for a colony of grey seals, there are many rare insects and plants, including several kinds of orchid. Being an island, it can only be reached by boat and these trips happen rarely, especially in winter. In the summer months, regular boat tours take place from Fårö Island and Nynäshamn on the mainland, bringing bird watchers and nature lovers from miles around.

Kosterhavet National Park - This was the first national park in Sweden to protect marine wildlife – half of the park is water. It can be found between North Koster Island and South Koster Island, in the Swedish archipelago. Since it opened in 2009, the park has attracted thousands of visitors who flock to see nearly 6000 different species, 200 of which are native to Sweden. This is the place to go if marine life floats your boat.

Sarek National Park - Sarek National Park is the most dramatic and inaccessible in all of Sweden. Jagged peaks, huge glaciers, valleys and rapid water flows all go to making this a serious adventurers’ playground. In an area of approximately 197,000 hectares, it can be found fifty kilometres east of the Norwegian border. Sweden's National Hiking Trail, called Kungsleden, runs through the south-eastern tip of the park but there are many other routes you can take. You'll need to be physically fit, very experienced and well prepared to take some of them on as you'll have to contend with alpine conditions, difficult terrain and rapidly changing weather conditions.

Skuleskogen National Park - Here you'll find magnificent views over the Baltic Sea, a large expanse of forest, beautiful lakes, valleys walled with Spruce trees and geological formations of the sort you find in text books. You'll see the Kalottbergen mountains with their forested peaks and bare slopes. Visiting the park has been made easy, there are signs on European Highway E4 which lead you straight there. There are 30 kilometres of hiking trails, as well as three sleeping cabins and two shelters that are open year around. It is certainly a lot more user friendly than Sarek.

Söderåsen National Park - Here you'll find mixed deciduous forests with lots of beech trees, screes, high cliffs and streams. In the valleys and forests of the park you'll find beetles, ferns, mosses, lichen and fungi. As far as possible, the park has been left to grow wild. It is managed very well with the emphasis on natural change and development. Biological diversity is encouraged. Instead of being removed, dead trees and wood are left untouched. Cultural remnants such as ancient farmland, mounds and ruins are preserved. A Visitors Centre by the main park entrance has exhibitions and displays outlining the work of the foresters.

Stenshuvud National Park - Stenshuvud National Park is a place of geological contrast with a diverse array of plant and animal species, ancient monuments and interesting historical remains. Stenshuvud Mount rises 97 meters above sea level and the view from the top is magnificent. To the south, you'll find broad heaths and dry meadows bursting with flowers stretching across the sandflats to the sea and a lovely beach. The coastline to the east features rugged cliffs and scree leading to the water's edge. On clear days, the Danish island of Bornholm can be seen to the southeast.  Founded in 1986; it consists of 954 acres of parkland given National Park status to preserve this area of special geological and biological significance.

Store Mosse National Park - Store Mosse National Park is the largest untouched wetland south of Lapland. Covering some 100 square kilometres, the vegetation here is similar to the northern wilderness of Sweden. There are more than 40 kilometres of trails and board walks to keep you busy and there's a wealth of wildlife to see en-route.

It is an important area for birds and provides unique habitats for other animals and plants. There are three cabins available for overnight stays and a large ornithologists’ tower. Access to the park is free and there are guided tours available all summer as well as guided snowshoe tours on the bog.

Tiveden National Park - Tiveden is one of the most beautiful National Parks in Sweden. It has forests, lakes and giant boulders and features an incredible rugged coastline. Tiveden is huge and old; its untamed landscape gives it a character of its own.  Large, unbroken areas of ancient forest are becoming increasingly rare across the world but, rather than being cultivated or over managed, Tiveden has been allowed to return slowly to a state resembling that of a virgin forest. Lakes and bogs have formed in the lowland areas between its steep rocky summits where the bedrock has remained intact. Large granite boulders bear the marks of Ice Age glaciers. The thin soils here make it difficult for animal and plant life with only pine trees able to grow on the rocky ground. Spruce grows where the soil is deeper but there are very few deciduous trees. Moose and deer roam the area and you'll also see foxes, badgers, martens and squirrels. There are many hiking trails, an information centre and cabins for overnight stays.

Tyresta National Park - Just 20 kilometres from the centre of Stockholm lies one of the most unspoilt areas of natural beauty in central Sweden. Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve measures approximately 5,000 hectares and has been protected to preserve its exceptional natural beauty. The forest contains pine trees that are 400 years old, clear lakes and a large number of unusual plants and animals. There is broad-leaved deciduous woodland, open arable land and some historical buildings. There are up to 8,000 species of animals here, far more than in other managed forests and many of them are completely reliant on the primeval woodland for their habitats and survival.

Västmanland County National Park  - Västmanland County has a bit of everything. It’s even got castles and manor houses so there is something for everyone here. There are hills and valleys, great forests, mystical lakes and even old mining shafts. The area encompasses the flat lands of central Sweden and the more rugged terrain of Norrland so there is a vast array of plant and wildlife to be seen here. Its conifer covered highlands and lowlands give way to broad-leaved woodland and open farmland so conditions for plants and animals vary widely between the northern and southern sections of the county. You can take a trip along the Strömsholm Canal or a hike on the Bruksleden Trail which offers an opportunity to discover the varied nature of this beautiful landscape.

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