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Moving to Norway: A Brief Guide to Trondheim

Whatever your reasons for requiring removals to Norway, Moving Partnership can help. Our removals to Norway service is designed to make moving to Norway simple and easy. We compare quotes from a wide range of companies, both here at home, and in Norway, to make sure the service selected meets with your individual needs. We are on hand to help with customs clearance too, and should you have any queries at any stage of the moving process, our highly trained and knowledgeable office staff are just a phone call away.

If you are moving to Norway, and moving to Trondheim, here’s our guide to what you can do here once you have settled in the city.

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About Trondheim

Trondheim is Norway's capital of technology. It's a lively and historic city, full of character, culture and activity. With a population of around 165,000, it’s Norway's third largest city and is a truly international, family oriented one at that. Its research centres and university attracts many non-Norwegian residents so you’ll find it relatively easy to arrange international schooling for your children - and it’s a safe city too, with many parks and green spaces.

Moving to Norway: Living in Trondheim

To familiarise yourselves with your new surroundings in Trondheim, you might like to book a guided tour of the city. The tours are operated by officially authorised and highly qualified guides who, upon request, will tailor a programme to suit you. This means you can take in all the sights that you'd like to see, rather than the bits that you don’t.

You may want to take a look at Gamle Bybro - The Old Town Bridge - Also known as Lykkens Portal, which means Gate of Happiness. It was first built in 1681 to span the Nidelva River, connecting the southern end of Kjøpmannsgata to the Bakklandet neighbourhood. The excise house is still there today but is now used as a kindergarten.

Your tour could take you to the area surrounding the old Trondheim Hospital, the oldest social institution in Scandinavia. In this area, the old timber houses, most of which have been well restored, are testament to the fact that city centres can be attractive places to live.

You could also take a tour around the city's many museums. There's Rustkammeret, an army museum which displays Trøndelag's military history from Viking times, through the Middle Ages, and the unions with Denmark and Sweden.

There's the Ranheim Community Museum with its paper mill exhibition, the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, which was awarded Norwegian Museum of the Year in 2010, and the open air Museum of Cultural History, which is set in beautiful surroundings and provides a wonderful view over the city and the fjord.

Moving to Norway: Working in Trondheim

As already mentioned, Trondheim is Norway's capital of technology. So if you’re in research and development, in any of the sciences or engineering, then Trondheim has a place for you. On any given day there will be positions available in hardware and software design, engineering, medical technology, pre-production services, the financial services sector, teaching, research, IT, banking, chemical & petro-chemicals engineering, and so on. The good news doesn't stop there, if you're partnering someone in one of these industries, or in other industry sectors, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. There's a fantastic work based support network in place that will have you in work, or at least in training, very  quickly, if that's what you'd like to do.

Moving to Norway: Leisure in Trondheim

Outdoor activities, like fishing, hiking, golf and cycling are very popular in Trondheim. If you enjoy cycling, you'll be in your element ,along with many thousands of others, as cycling is very popular here. In fact, Trondheim is the first city in the world with a lift designed solely for the use of cyclists! The bicycle lift, called Trampe, has been put in place to help cyclists ascend the very steep hill in Brubakken, near Gamle Bybro, which leads up to Kristiansten Fort. To use the lift, the cyclist must place their right foot on the starting point and their left foot on the bicycle pedal and insert a keycard into the card reader, then push the  “start” button. They are then literally pushed up the hill and rewarded with incredible views of the city, fjords and mountains.

If you're into fishing, the Nidelva or Nid River is one of Norway's best places to go to catch salmon and trout. Most fishing locations are open to the public and some stretches are free. However, if walking, hiking or running is what you enjoy most, there are lots of different trails for the public to use, most notably Ladestien, a trail following the coast along Lade Peninsula and Nidelvstien, which runs along the Nid. Both provide wonderful views. For those who prefer golfing , there's a  9 hole golf course at the Trondheim golf club. And at the Byneset Golf Centre, there's  both a 9 and an 18 hole course. In addition to this, the Havstein Golf Centre provides a driving range, putting green and bunkers. But if football is more your bag, you'll want to get behind the local team. Rosenborg Ballklubb (RBK), have been at the top of their game for a long time now; they've won 20 league championships and 9 cup championships and have qualified to play in the Champions League a number of times.

Trondheim plays host to many festivals, not least of which is St. Olav's Festival. From the end of July to the start of August every year, the city marks the event which is Norway's largest church and cultural festival. Other festivals include the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, the Kosmorama International Film Festival, the Pstereo and Nidaros Blues Festival and the Trondheim Jazz Festival, which this year will feature performances by Maceo Parker, New York Voices, AlasNoAxis, Pharoah Sanders and Kurt Elling.

About Moving Partnership

Moving Partnership Limited offer three main services for removals to Norway: a part-load service, which is ideal if you don’t need a full container, a full load service providing exclusive use of a 20 ft or 40 ft container, and a specialist service for those with oversized items to transport. Call us today for a quote.

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Moving to Sweden: A Brief Guide to Kiruna, the Country’s Northern Most City

Whatever your reason for needing to arrange removals to Sweden, whether it be for a job move or simply to be nearer to relatives or friends, Moving Partnership Ltd, with their extensive list of European removals contacts, can greatly reduce the stress of the move. All you need concentrate on, is enjoying the experience of making a new home in your new country.

At Moving Partnership Ltd, we compare removals quotes on offer from the many different   companies offering removals to Sweden, to ensure that the service you receive matches exactly with your requirements. In most cases, we partner with companies that are either BAR registered or FAIM accredited giving you maximum peace of mind.

We also offer invaluable experience when it comes to organising clearance through customs and our dedicated team of removals experts are always just a phone call away, to offer guidance and advice where necessary.

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Having completed your removals to Sweden, and now happily living in your new Swedish home, you may find yourselves with some time to explore this beautiful country and discover all it has to offer. A “must see” for you is the municipality of Kiruna.

A Brief Guide to Kiruna

Kiruna is located just over 90 miles north of the Arctic Circle and is the northernmost town in Sweden, with the thin end of Norway to the west and Finland to the east. At 7508.5mi², the municipality of Kiruna is roughly the same size as Skåne, Blekinge and Halland put together and is half the size of the whole of the Netherlands. It has a population of just over 23.000, 18,000 of whom live in the town itself with the remainder occupying the 50 or so outlying villages.

Tourist Attractions in Kiruna

If wildlife and stunning scenery are your thing then Abisko is the place to go. It is 77 km² of national park, deep in Swedish Lapland. It’s famed for its natural beauty, wildlife and winter adventures. In the summer, you can trek through the forest taking in the fjords, canyons and waterfalls. You can explore its caves and even enjoy a spot of fly-fishing and, if you go between the 30th May and 14th July, you're sure to witness the Midnight Sun. In winter, the skiing is terrific and you can ride on a sled pulled by husky dogs.

The Aurora Sky Station is the place to come for an amazing view of the Northern Lights. Accessed by chair lift, here you can learn all about the Aurora Borealis and even enjoy a gourmet meal while you watch the natural light show.

Art and Culture in Kiruna

Kiruna is famed for its musical and artistic traditions too; the Kiruna Festival, in Summer, never fails to attract big-name musicians and artists and there are over 2000 pieces of artwork on display at the town's various museums and art galleries. You could also catch the annual film festival known as the Arctic Light Film Festival. Kiruna also offers the chance to experience the Sami culture. The Sami are an ancient tribe with their own culture and language.

The Northern Lights

Kiruna is the ideal place to come to watch the Northern Lights or 'Aurora borealis' because of its lack of light pollution. These naturally occurring displays of vivid, dancing light, caused by electrically charged particles from the Sun entering our Earth's atmosphere, mostly appear in pale greens and pinks but have also shown up in shades of red, yellow, blue, and violet. The lights either appear as patches or scattered clouds but can also manifest as streamers, arcs of coloured light, rippling curtains or shooting rays. They light up the sky with an eerie glow and are really quite breath-taking to behold.

Some of the best places to see the lights in Kiruna are at Camp Ripan and the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko, which is open between 20.00 - 24.00 Tuesday through to Saturday, from October until March.

The Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi is truly amazing and a stay in the Cold Room, which has a bed frame made of ice, is a “once in a lifetime experience”. Kept at a constant -5°C, it actually feels quite warm when compared to the -30°C that you are likely to encounter should you step outside of a night time. The art rooms within the hotel are wonderful. All are themed differently and you are actively encouraged to wander around and take as many photographs as you wish.

Activities in Kiruna

In Kiruna, you'll never be short of adventures. The 400 or so clubs and associations in the region offer everything from snowmobile rides to dog sledding, photo excursions to skiing, helicopter rides to moose safaris and horse riding to city sightseeing tours. You might even be tempted to climb Mount Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden, play golf at one of the world´s most northerly courses and pay a visit to the world famous Ice Hotel, where you get to sleep on bed of  ice, wrapped in sleeping bags or even  reindeer skins.

For stress free removals to Sweden, contact Moving Partnership Ltd today. We will find a service at competitive rates to meet all your requirements.

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