Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Moving to Sweden – In the Spotlight: Gothenburg

Moving Partnership (MPL) provide removals to Sweden in Scandinavia including the city of Gothenburg.  We understand that moving to Sweden whether it be for home or business can be a daunting experience, so our removals service endeavours to eliminate some of that stress for you.  Instead of wasting valuable time phoning round for quotes we’ll make the calls for you.  And for removals to Sweden, we can save you money too, due to the discounts we can secure due to our excellent connections.

When moving to Sweden, you need to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable shipping and removals company.  At MPL we bestow our clients peace of mind by working predominantly with companies that are FAIM accredited or members of the British Association of removers.  Such companies offer the highest standards of removals to Sweden due to the stringent procedures they are required to follow.

We provide three different services for shipping and removals to Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia.  The service most suited to your needs will depend on among other factors, the size of your move.   Your possessions can be transported in a dedicated vehicle, as part of a load or via a special service where your moving dates can be specified. International shipping can be provided in 20ft or 40 ft containers as well as in a shared consignment and by air.

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Moving to Sweden: About Gothenburg
The city of Gothenburg can be found on the west coast of Sweden and is located in the centre of Scandinavia approximately half way between two capital cities; Copenhagen in Denmark and Oslo in Norway.  Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden in terms of population with almost 2 million inhabitants.  The city takes its name from the ‘Geats’, the inhabitants of Gothia now Southern Sweden and ‘Gothia Borg’ or Fortress which was built to protect the port viewed as Sweden’s trading opportunity with the West.

Founded in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolpohus, Gothenburg is nestled by the sea at the mouth of the river Gota Alv which runs through the city.  The fact that the river flows into an arm of the North Sea, which provides the largest sea port in Scandinavia has assisted the city to become the trading city it is today.  Gothenburg is also home to the second largest airport in Scandinavia.

Despite Gothenburg’s northerly location the climate is not nearly as cold as places occupying similar latitude due to its influence from the warm Gulf Stream.  The city has an oceanic climate; summers are warm with an average high of around 20 degrees and winters cold and windy with median temperatures of -5.  Snowfall typically occurs between the months of December and March but has been known as late as May!  Hours of daylight vary dramatically with the seasons; expect 17 hours in summer and around 10 hours less in late December.

The city of Gothenburg has many students due to having the largest University in Scandinavia -the University of Gothenburg has a staggering 25,000 students and also based here is the Chalmers University of Technology, founded by William Chalmers, son of a Scottish immigrant.

Moving to Sweden: Living in Gothenburg
Gothenburg is home to an eclectic mix of architecture which has been influenced by many different eras from the 17th century.  Houses were originally made of wood, although very few remain for this reason.  In the 18th century houses took a more classical look with imposing stone structures that were erected along the canal area.  A great example from this era is East India House where Gothenburg City Museum is now located.  Since 1960 the city has seen a large number of newly built homes, of which almost half consist of apartments for rent, whereas freehold properties are almost always occupied by their owners.

People living here benefit from an excellent public transport system.  With some 80km of track, Gothenburg tram is the largest light railway network in the whole of Scandinavia and the bus network is equally important to its residents and tourists alike.  To get about, purchase a Västtrafik ticket, which is valid for use of the tram, bus network and most trains.

Extensive welfare benefits and extremely low crime rates make Gothenburg an enviable place to live.  In fact the standard of living and life expectancy in Sweden are amongst the highest in the world.  Despite house prices being some of the cheapest in Europe, the cost of living for items such as food, cigarettes and petrol tend to be more expensive, but can often be found cheaper if you shop around.  The relatively high cost of living is reflected in salaries which average at 30,000 SEK (Swedish Krona) a month, which equates to just over £2,800.

Moving to Sweden: Working in Sweden
Due to Gothenburg having the largest port in Scandinavia it’s not surprising that trade and shipping play a major role in employing people here.  For many years however, Sweden has been better known for its engineering brilliance and inventions such as Skype and online music provider, Spotify.  High tech manufacturers such as SKF and Ericsson are significant employers and Volvo who has its global headquarters based in Gothenburg is the largest employer of them all.  Other important trades include the banking and finance industry and events and tourism, so a real mix of career opportunities to choose from.  Do bear in mind however that unemployment in Sweden runs at around 7%.

Language is unlikely to be a barrier when moving to Sweden as 89% of Swedes under the age of 60 speak English and do so very well due to the high standards of education.  Whilst Swedish citizens can at first appear to be very reserved, they are extremely warm and friendly once they get to know you.

Moving to Sweden: Leisure in Gothenburg
Gothenburg is unlike many other European cities; high rise buildings are few and far between whereas parks, nature reserves and green avenues can be found in abundance - not forgetting the canal which flows through the city.  The biggest park here, which tends to be popular with younger people is Slottskagen.  Many of the cities music festivals including Way Out West, Metal Town and the Jazz Festival are held here annually, as well as other cultural events.  For this reason Gothenburg is commonly referred to as the ‘event city’ or ‘city of culture’.  As well as its many festivals Slottskagen is popular for picnics, outdoor pursuits, sports and sunbathing with people hanging out in the park drinking and socialising until late in the evening during the summer months.  A free zoo with penguins, seals, horses, pigs, elk, goats and a great selection of birds can also be found within Slottskagen’s 137 hectares, as can Europe’s most important botanical garden for flower and plant lovers.

For thrills and spills make sure you visit Leisburg, Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park.  Leisburg is open from the end of April and closes for the winter during the first week of October.  35 rides ensure that this amusement park won’t disappoint with rides suitable for children right through to grown-ups.

Gothenburg also offers great nightlife and shopping.  Many of the city’s clubs offer free admission, although those open until 3am usually charge.  Do be warned that many of the clubs operate a tight dress code policy and make you queue regardless of if it is busy or not.  Expect the clubs and bars to be particularly busy around the 25th of the month which tends to be pay day. 

The shopping areas are all in relatively close proximity with perhaps the most beautiful shopping locations provided by Vasagalan in a green valley location overhung with trees offering an array of boutiques or Haga in the city’s old quarter with its 19th century wooden buildings and cobbled streets.  In keeping with Sweden’s café culture, both Vasagalan and Haga also offer a wide number of cafés and restaurants to choose from.  If you prefer a shopping mall environment then try Nordstan and NK.

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