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Removals to Sweden: A Guide to the Prettiest Places in Sweden

If you’re looking for removals to Sweden, you’ll doubtless be looking forward to seeing, at first hand, the country’s verdant forests, lovely beaches, islands and crystal clear lakes. It is a wonderful part of the world in which to live and work and a great place to bring up the children too. The towns and cities are bustling and cosmopolitan and the countryside lends itself to camping and other outdoor pursuits, ideal for a weekend break or family holiday.

In this article we will take you on a journey to some of Sweden’s prettiest, most picturesque places, some man-made and some natural, to give you just a taste of what to expect once your removals to Sweden are complete. We’ll take a look at one of Sweden’s most beautiful palaces, we’ll see some quite breathtaking waterfalls and rapids and we’ll spend some time in awe of Sweden’s coastline and at that most remarkable of natural phenomena, the Aurora Borealis.

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Read on to discover some real Swedish gems. You may want to bookmark some of them for a visit once you’ve settled in to your new home.

Drottningholm Palace

Designated a world heritage site, Drottningholm Palace is the permanent residence of the Swedish royal family. All but the southern wing of the palace, including The Great Hall, The Palace Theatre and the wonderful baroque palace gardens are open to the public all year round. Like Buckingham Palace, it has been modified over the years and you can see examples of the changing architecture spanning three centuries.

Koster Islands

Two hours north of Gothenburg is the virtually car free zone known as The Koster archipelago. Consisting of Koster Island North and Koster Island South and a cluster of smaller islands, the area is best navigated on foot, by rented bike or guided boat tour. Most of the region has been designated as nature reserve, but there are a number of small fishing villages from where you can embark on seal safaris or go sea kayaking.


Sweden’s second largest city after Stockholm, Gothenburg has taken café culture to its heart. It is a food lover’s delight, especially if you’re into fish and what better way to work up an appetite than by first exploring the west coast archipelago by kayak? There is something here for everyone, from the rose gardens and Palm House of The Garden Society to the Universeum science discovery centre.

Njupeskar Waterfall

Estimates vary as to the height of this water feature but at anywhere between 93 and 125 metres, Njupeskar is still the highest waterfall in Sweden. The mist around the falls creates the perfect environment for rare flora and fauna and the cascading waters make for a stunning photo opportunity. For best results, get up early around Midsummer; the sunlight shines through the water giving it a magical silver hue.

Sarak National Park

The Sarak National Park is the largest expanse of wilderness anywhere in Europe. The high alpine peaks, glaciers and narrow valleys present an adventure holiday in waiting, but be warned, the Sarak is not for beginners. Anyone planning on visiting the park should have considerable alpine experience, the correct equipment, and should be used to spending time outdoors. There are no facilities for tourists.

Dumme Mosse Nature Reserve

Dumme Mosse Nature Reserve is a largely unspoilt area of wetland to the west of Jönköping in southern Sweden. Its 3,500 hectares include sparsely wooded swampland, open meadows and woodlands, ideal habitat for many species of birds, animals, insects and plants. The hikers among you will love its 6 kilometre trail.

Storforsen Rapids

Located in the Pite River in Sweden, an hour's drive from Luleå, the Storforsen Rapids are the largest rapids in the whole of Europe. Purpose built viewing areas have been sited at key points along its banks to give visitors the best impression of the water’s power and to allow hopeful kayakers the opportunity to opt out of this one if they so wish.


Fans of the TV series Wallander will instantly recognise the pastel shaded, half-timber buildings of the ancient city of Ystad. Guided tours will take you through the town’s cobblestone streets and into some of the most picturesque squares like St Knuts and Stortorget. You might like to pay a visit to Fridolfs konditori, the Inspector’s favourite café and tuck in to one of their famous police blue Wallander pastries.


Skane is beautiful. It is a patchwork of colour throughout the year with endless open fields turning from lush green to golden yellow. It’s a golfer's delight too with over 70 courses in the region, many of which are open for most of the year. International business has been attracted here and the area has turned from a land of fishermen and farmers to one at the forefront of technical and medical innovation.


You can’t move to Sweden and not go to see the northern lights and the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko is THE best place to view them. Abisko is a large national park in Swedish Lapland, which is very popular among hikers. Here the sun shines at midnight, you can go cross-country skiing or don a pair of snowshoes and go tramping through the woods. You can even go by dog sled for a spot of ice fishing.

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