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Removals to Sweden: Castles and Fortresses in Sweden

Beautiful landscapes are just one of the attractions for many people undertaking removals to Sweden. The country also has many attractive buildings, including castles and fortresses, and in this article we will turn the spotlight on some of the most famous.

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Here are details of some of the Swedish castles and palaces which you might want to visit once you have completed your move.

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Our Top Pick of Castles and Fortresses to Visit

Bohus Fortress – This 14th-century castle ruin originally belonged to Norway, and stands on a 40-metre cliff on the Norwegian-Swedish border in Kungälv, Bohuslän. It survived 14 sieges over the centuries, but was never captured. After it was handed over to Sweden in the mid-17th century, it was used as a prison. The fortress is now a popular summer visitor attraction, housing a museum about its unique past, and a major medieval festival is held there every July. There are also activities for children.

Drottningholm Palace – Built on an island on the outskirts of the capital, Stockholm, the royal palace of Drottningholm is nicknamed the "Swedish Versailles" because of its grandeur. Originally built in the 16th century, the palace is the Royal Family's permanent residence, but only the southern wing is private, with the rest of the palace being open all year round. The lavish gardens are one of the main visitor attractions, taking in many styles including Baroque. Don't miss the theatre and the Chinese pavilion here.

Gripsholm Castle – With a romantic fairytale appearance, Gripsholm is one of the castles founded by famous 16th-century king Gustav Vasa. It stands on the shores of Lake Mälaren, near Mariefred in Södermanland. Visitors can see the Swedish state portrait collection, which features famous Swedes, ranging from historical figures through to well known faces of the present day. Another attraction you won't want to miss is the royal deer park. The castle's main opening season runs from May to November.

Kalmar Castle – One of the best-preserved castles in Scandinavia, Kalmar Castle is a moated fortress with an impressive park in the province of Småland. The first tower on the site, near the then Danish border, was built in the 12th century, but the fortress was later enlarged  in the 16th century. It was decorated in the Renaissance style in the 1570s, and has now been restored so that it still has the look of that era. As well as touring the historic rooms, you can also book for a banquet or masked ball if this appeals to you.

Läckö Castle – On the shores of Lake Vänern near the town of Lidköping, this castle has dramatic Baroque towers and turrets. Dating back to the 13th century, it was built by a bishop and later owned by the Crown. Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie expanded it in the 18th century and it has 250 rooms - many of which were left empty for a long time, but have now been furnished again. The castle is open from May to September and there are special events at other times of year.

Malmö Castle – Sweden's oldest Renaissance castle dates from the 15th century, but there's a lot more to a visit than just touring the building. Together with neighbouring buildings, it is now home to the biggest museum in the south of the country. A large art collection is housed in the castle, while the museum as a whole also includes an aquarium and science displays. The castle is open all year and there are guided tours in English during the summer months.

Royal Palace of Stockholm – The official residence of the King of Sweden is one of the largest palaces in Europe, and one of the places you must see following your move to Sweden. Boasting more than 600 rooms, it stands on a small island in the centre of Stockholm, near to the cathedral and parliament building. Most of the palace was built in the 18th century and it is full of lavish furnishings, murals and treasures. Many rooms are open to the public, including the Hall of State where you can see a silver throne. The daily changing of the guard is a popular attraction.

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