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Removals to Sweden – The Moving Partnership’s guide to adventure sports in Sweden.

Whether you require removals to Sweden because you are relocating with work, moving to Sweden to be closer to friends or relatives or simply emigrating for a change of scenery and to enjoy more of the great outdoor lifestyle that Sweden has to offer, Moving Partnership can help.

We make removals to Sweden easy by sourcing the best removals companies for the job. With our extensive list of removals contacts, both here in the UK and across Europe, we are able to partner up with right companies, to provide you with exactly the service you require, at the right price.

We understand though that it’s not all about cost, it’s about peace of mind too. For this reason, you'll find that most of the removal firms we partner with are either members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) or FAIM accredited, assuring you of a high quality, reliable removals service.

Once we've completed your removals to Sweden, the adrenaline junkies among you will doubtless want to try some of the different sports on offer here. You'll probably already have an idea of what to expect courtesy of the international sports coverage on T.V. but there can be no substitute for getting out there and doing it yourself.

In Sweden, there is, of course, plenty of opportunity to get some fresh air; you can go walking, hiking, boating or cycling. But you can do all that in the UK – what about the more adrenalin fuelled sports? In Sweden, you are spoiled for choice. Here’s our guide to some of the adventure activities to try.

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A Pick of Ten Adventure Sports to Try in Sweden

Dog Sledding/Reindeer Sledging

If you fancy the idea of being dragged around the countryside at pace by a pack of dogs, or even a reindeer or two, head for the north of Sweden: Swedish Lapland. This is Sami country. Sweden's indigenous Sami people have been getting about by dog and deer for

centuries, so it comes as second nature to them and, for a price, they will share the experience and revel in its novelty with you. Go prepared though, you could be away for a few days and will be travelling deep into the Arctic Circle. If you make the trip any time between September and April and manage to catch a cloudless night, you'll be treated to that most amazing of natural phenomena: the Aurora Borealis.

Helicopter Flying

Not many of us ever get the chance to ride in a helicopter and even those that do rarely get the opportunity to witness such magnificent scenery. From the air you can literally get a birds-eye view of your surroundings. Whether it’s Stockholm's archipelago, the wilderness of Kiruna or the Caledonian style Swedish mountain range which includes Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest peak, the sights are truly breathtaking. Mt Kebnekaise, incidentally, is the setting for The Kebnekaise Classic, a 2 day cross country skiing competition held in April. It is one of Northern Europe's most challenging and demanding ski routes consisting of no less than four mountain peaks.

Glacier Hiking

We mentioned hiking at home and, yes, of course you can do that. Here in Sweden, though, you get to hike on glaciers too. The Kungsleden is the feather you need for your Swedish hiking hat. This “King of Trails”, as it translates, covers all sorts of terrain, taking you on a 275-mile jaunt through birch forests, over glaciers, rivers, and some of the highest mountains in Sweden. Thankfully though, you don’t have to do it all in one go, that would take a month or so and you'd have to be super fit and very well equipped. The trail is split into bite-size sections and you can camp en-route so you get to choose how much or how little hiking you do on any given day.

Ice Yachting

Yachting on water is fun enough but, modify the boat a bit – put a set of blades under the hull, and stabilizers to each side, even up the ballast for a smoother ride and put the whole thing on a frozen lake – and now you're talking! Central Sweden is the place to be for this wind-powered funfest. Here, it’s generally cold enough to freeze the lakes with little or no precipitation; this means all the thrills of high speed wind propulsion with none of the misery of getting cold and wet in the process. If you are moving to Stockholm, head for Lake Mälaren, where you'll see ice yachters aplenty, some a little more practised than others but, hey, we've all got to start somewhere.


Paragliding came to Sweden in the mid-to-late 80's and quickly overtook hang-gliding in popularity. The Swedish Paragliding Association was set up to monitor and control the sport and they produced a common sense rulebook to keep paragliders out of trouble. It’s not riveting stuff but it could save your life so it’s a recommended read. Most of southern Sweden is flat, consisting of open farmland with some wooded areas. This means a lot of towing but the hills and coastal areas make for some great ridge soaring. Cross country flying is very popular here but beware: before long you can find yourself in the middle of nowhere; great if you know what you're doing, not so good, if you don’t.

Quad Biking

The fantastic views and wonderful landscape of Sweden can just as easily be experienced at speed on terra firma as in the air. Why not hop on a quad bike and go tearing around the countryside for the day. Northern Sweden is your best bet for this type of activity. The landscape is more varied and more challenging. Here, you'll come across wide-open valleys populated by herds of moose and reindeer. Your course may take you through streams and across fast flowing, though not particularly deep, rivers and, remember, if you don’t want to sleep, you don’t have to; this is the land of 24 hour daylight after all.


If wreck diving is your thing then make for the waters surrounding the island of Öland. It is estimated that there are some 40,000 wrecks in the Baltic, so you are bound to come across one that takes your fancy and, who knows, might even discover something new. Other underwater activities on offer around Sweden’s coast include ice diving, nature dives and cave diving. There’s some great nature diving to be found along Sweden’s west coast and the pictures produced under ice will amaze those of you into underwater photography.


There are many groups, clubs, organisations and companies that offer trips into the wild on these motorised sledges. A few hints and tips to remember are as follows: when riding at night reduce your speed, wear hi viz. clothing and avoid frozen lakes, rivers and ponds (we know you won’t but at least we’ve told you). If you are traversing frozen water, wear a buoyant snowmobile suit and take an ice pick with you. Wherever possible, ride on new, hard and clear ice and avoid slushy, weak ice or ice that is near moving water or has thawed and refrozen. And layer up; the best protection from the wind and cold is layering with thermals.

Survival Courses

On courses like the one run by the Wilderness Experience International Survival School in Riksviken, you’ll learn such things as how to make a pair of emergency snow shoes, navigation, emergency signalling and ice fishing. You’ll learn how to make a snow survival shelter and how to light fires in extreme weather conditions. You’ll learn about clothing and the importance of an emergency pack. You’ll be taught survival skills in sub-zero temperatures and learn about which plants are good to eat and, more importantly, which ones are not. You’ll learn about first aid and ice safety and rescue techniques and be taught casualty evacuation skills.


Whether you are in to Blue or White water rafting, from beginner to world-class rafter, there’s something here for everyone. Beginners can learn the basics of white water kayaking, paddling in a fun and safe environment as well as swimming in the rapids, practising their Eskimo roll and other safety exercises. Head for the Åre Mountains, where there are a number of streams and rivers offering exceptional paddling. These mountains also offer wilder waters and waterfalls for those of you who are a little more experienced. Other key areas include the Vålån river, the Jämtland mountains, Ånnsjön lake, and the Tångböle Dash.

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