Friday, 15 June 2012

Moving to Sweden - In the Spotlight: Stockholm

Moving Partnership Limited (MPL) specialise in providing domestic and commercial removals services, including European removals to Sweden and international removals to Sweden.  If you are looking for removals to Sweden, regardless of whether you are moving from the UK or any of country in Europe, or from an international destination such as the USA or Tokyo, we can tailor our services to meet your requirements.

Years of experience in providing removals to Sweden mean that we can provide a wide range of services at competitive rates.  Working with predominantly FAIM and BAR accredited companies, we can compare a range of quotations on your behalf and provide you with an efficient and reliable service for your removals to Sweden.

We offer three main services for removals to Sweden. Our lowest cost service allows you to group your items with other removals shipments to the same destination.  We also offer a service for specialist items where you can specify the date of arrival, or full 20-40ft container loads for large domestic or commercial moves.
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Moving to Sweden: About Stockholm

Stockholm is Scandinavia’s largest city and considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Stockholm is located on Sweden’s south central east coast where its biggest lake, Lake Malaren, meets the Baltic Sea. Occupying a unique location on 14 islands, Stockholm is made up of equal parts water and land which are surrounded by forest, parkland and beaches - it is not difficult to see why it is considered such a naturally beautiful city.

Despite being spread across a number of islands, Stockholm is compact with most of the city’s attractions within easy walking distance.  Cycling is also popular in Stockholm and a great way to gain a completely different perspective on the city.  During the summer months between April and October, bikes can be hired from many locations around the city on either a season or 3-day pass.  Stockholm is also renowned for providing an extremely efficient bus, rail and underground system providing connections between the main shopping centres and the city’s districts.

With a population of around 1,250,000, Stockholm is the most populated urban area of Scandinavia and accounts for almost 25% of Sweden’s total population.  Stockholm is split into three main parts: Stockholm City Centre, Southern Stockholm (otherwise known as Sodervort) and Vasterort or Western Stockholm.  Each of these three areas is subdivided into smaller districts where a district council is responsible for the schooling, social, leisure and cultural activities of its respective area.

As you would expect from its northerly location, the hours of daylight in Stockholm vary dramatically between the seasons.  In midsummer you can expect an impressive 18 hours of daylight with only 6 hours by contrast in late December.  Winters in Stockholm are cold and sometimes snowy with average temperatures of between -5 to 1 degrees, but summers are warm and pleasant reaching average highs of around 20-22.

Moving to Sweden: Living in Stockholm
As with any major city, the cost of living in Stockholm is fairly high, however you will be rewarded with a good salary and a high quality of living to match.  Whilst the most expensive items in Stockholm are clothing, eating out and groceries, the cost of education including nursery and pre-school fees in particular, are considerably lower than most other cities in the world.

The housing market in Stockholm is made up of properties to rent and buy.  Those properties in and close to the city centre tend to be apartments, whilst suburbs further out from the centre of Stockholm offer a mixture of houses and apartments.  Rental properties, particularly those in the central suburbs of Kungsholmen, Norrmalm, Södermalm and Östermalm, can be difficult to come by so if you are looking at relocating to Stockholm on a longer term basis, purchasing a property is a much better option. 

If you want to be located just out from the city centre, Nacka is only 10 minutes commute and offers a mixture of apartments and houses in an area of outstanding natural beauty, near to lakes which are perfect for bathing in the summer months. The Island of Lidingo is also an excellent choice: only 20 minutes from the city it provides access to nice beaches, an outdoor pool in the summer and a small ski slope in the winter.

Moving to Sweden: Working in Stockholm
The most prevalent industry in Stockholm is the service industry which accounts for almost 85% of jobs in the city.  Stockholm is also the home of Sweden’s financial centre and, along with the Stock Exchange, many of the country’s leading banks and insurance companies are headquarted here, as are those of 45% of Sweden’s largest employers, including famous fashion retailer H&M. 

Over the last decade, Stockholm has seen a major growth in high tech industry, with large employers such as IBM, Ericsson and Electrolux based here.  Kista in Nothern Stockholm is also considered a major centre for IT.

Moving to Sweden: Leisure in Stockholm
Stockholm is a city which is well catered for regardless of age, interests or budget.  It is certainly a family friendly city providing lots to do for children with many of its attractions free of charge or available at a small cost.  The abundance of open space and parklands such as those at Hagaparken and Djugarden, provide the perfect place to enjoy the summer months in Stockholm, as do the crystal clear lakes and beaches which offer fabulous bathing opportunities.

If you are young, free and single, you won’t fail to be disappointed by Stockholm’s club and music scene.  Stockholm is a city which never sleeps, providing seven days a week entertainment with a club scene which is unrivalled in any European city north of London.

As for food and drink, Stockholm can’t fail to disappoint.  With over a thousand restaurants and no shortage of Michelin stars including well established F12, Esperanto and Lux in up-and-coming Essinge Island, Stockholm is widely acclaimed as one of Europe’s most dynamic and exciting gastronomic experiences.  As a city which has always been a popular choice for migration, you will get to sample almost any culinary delight or theme which takes your fancy.  You will eat well whatever your taste; in Stockholm culinary flair, atmosphere and environment are equally important in the entire dining experience.  Local restaurants serving an array of different dishes offer popular meeting places and often have adjoining bars.

Aside from Stockholm’s famous Christmas markets, which are truly something to behold, Stockholm provides an exciting shopping scene providing a haven for shopaholics.  Ostermalm is the most affluent district in Stockholm and the equivalent of London’s, Knightsbridge.  Global brands such as Gucci, Prada, Boss and Armani, to name a few, line the streets, so if you are looking for luxury items and boutiques then Ostermalm is the place for you.

Sodermalm offers an entirely different shopping experience providing an eclectic mix of fashion, design and both new and second hand clothes.  Eco and organic is order of the day in Sodermalm and is reflected in its calm and relaxed atmosphere. In South of Folkkungagatan or ‘SoFo’ as it is known locally, you’ll not only find the height of Swedish fashion but an abundance of cafes, restaurants, bars and quality second hand clothing at Beyond Retro, Brunogallerian and Gotgatan.

Finally the city itself is home to many department stores including Sweden’s most upmarket store, Nordiska Kompaniet or NK as it is more often referred to.  Selling a huge variety of clothing, Swedish, international design and household items, NK is where the upper classes shop.  For large everyday fashion retail chains such as H&M and Zara, visit the shopping arcades of Gallerian and Sturegallerian and for small specialist shops and just about every type of retailer, Drottminggatan is a must.

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